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Courses 2008 - 2009

LAW B 551 Comparative Legal Studies Seminar

Credits: 2-6, Max 6

This seminar provides an introduction to comparative legal scholarship and comparative methods for research in Asian, European, and American law. The course examines the challenges and controversies found in comparative law and comparative legal studies as well as methodological innovations in modern comparative legal studies. The course emphasizes the development of analytical skills and comparative critical thinking. Students will engage in active and interdisciplinary analysis and criticism of traditional areas of comparative law and contemporary issues, and develop the ability to pursue independent graduate-level comparative legal research. Required seminar for LL.M. candidates in Asia, Global Business and Development Law. J.D. candidates interested in research in advanced comparative law also may enroll.

Autumn-Winter-Spring - Compressed , 2-2-2 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Raigrodski, Dana , Winn, Jane , Zang, Dongsheng

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