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LAW A 549 Advanced Legal Research

Credits: 4

Review complex basic legal materials such as cite-checking tools, digests, computer-assisted legal research systems, and annotated codes. Research strategy and process will be emphasized, as well as integration in use of manual and computerized sources. Other research areas and their information resources will be covered in depth, including federal legislative history and federal administrative law research.

Prerequisite for LLM students: Law A506 Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing or the permission of the instructor.

Not open to students who have taken both Law A598 Legal Research l and Law A599 Legal Research II but (with the permission of the instructor) is open to students who have taken one of those courses. The grade for the course will be based on research projects and bibliographic exercises. There will be no examinations.

Winter, 4 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Hazelton, Penny

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