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LAW A 514 Public Held Corporations

Credits: 3

Examines state and federal laws governing corporations that have issued shares in a public offering. It extends the coverage of corporation law and practice offered in LAW A567 (Closely Held Business Organizations). Covers the allocation of control, profit, and risk among the constituents of the corporation; the financing of corporations through the issuance of debt and equity securities; the duties of officers, directors, and controlling shareholders; the rights of shareholders; corporate and shareholders' litigation; mergers, sales of assets, and other fundamental changes in the corporate structure. Emphasis is placed on "Federal Corporation Law" evolving out of the SEC proxy rules and Rule 10(b)-5. Prerequisite: A567 Closely Held Business Organizations; prerequisite may be waived by permission of instructor.

Winter, 4 Credit(s)

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Roberta Karmel

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