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Meiklejohn - Winter 2022

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LAW P 548 Litigation Strategies for Protection of Technology

Credits: 3

This course will cover complex issues and proceedings in patent and trade secret litigation including remedies for patent and trade secret infringement; and patent reissues and reexamination practice. More specifically, this course will consider such issues as who may be subject to a suit for infringement of patent and/or trade secret rights; where the suit can be filed; when a suit should be filed; patent marking issues; declaratory judgment actions and venue disputes; the forms of complaints, answers, affirmative defenses, counterclaims, and the joinder of related claims (e.g., for unfair competition); appellate review; discovery techniques, summary judgments, the use of experts, trial presentations (including evidentiary concerns); different theories of compensatory damages; willful infringement; enhanced and punitive damages; attorneys’ fees and interest on damage awards. Prerequisite: P508 Patent Law or P567 Intellectual Property Survey, or permission of the instructor.

Winter, 3 Credit(s)

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Paul Meiklejohn

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