Courses 2014 - 2015

LAW T 507 Federal Tax Policy Seminar

Credits: 2-4, Max 4

Students will examine the theoritical and policy considerations applied in assessing existing and proposed federal tax regimes. Topics covered include: the nature of the income tax as a tax on savings and consumption; the role of deductions, exclusions and credits in measuring income and in achieving nonrevenue objectives; consumption taxes as alternatives to taxes on income; nature and effect of "flat tax" proposals (including examination of effect of progressivity on tax planning, compliance and complexity); the role of federal estate and gift taxes; U.S. policy for taxation of international income; tax policy and charitable giving; taxes and the poor. Enrollment is limited. No final exam. Assessment based on a series of short papers (4 or 5) relating to some of the topics listed above and on one longer paper (20-25 pages).

Spring, 3 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Hatfield, Michael

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