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LAW H 534 Mental Health And The Law

Credits: 3

This course will deal with both civil and criminal aspects of mental health and the law. First, the course will present the definitions of mental illness and mental disability, and outline the issues for providers of mental health services including psychiatrist-patient privilege. The course will then focus on civil aspects of mental health law, such as standards and procedures for involuntary commitment; consent for, and informed refusal of, treatment; and deinstitutionalization/community-based treatment. Next, the course will focus on the mental health issues in criminal law, such as the insanity defense, competency to stand trial, and punishment of the mentally ill. Special attention will be given to both the current Washington and U.S. Supreme Court litigation over the sexually violent predator law and current issues with juvenile offenders. If there is additional time, the course will also cover the practice issues for providers of treatment, such as suits against psychotherapists.

Not offered this academic year.

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