Courses 2014 - 2015

LAW H 520 Genetics And The Law

Credits: 3

This required Public Health Genetics Program course will focus on legal consequences of genetic technologies and information. It will begin with an overview of the legal system and the sources of law and then consider the potential legal ramifications accompanying dispersal and use of new genetic discoveries. The course will first consider the constitutional underpinnings of personal information and reproductive decision-making. The course will then broaden to address the issues arising in the context of genetic testing, examining the legal actions that may result from omission of testing, diagnostic errors, and use of the test results in an allegedly coercive manner; this ill require examination and application of contract and tort law principles. The course will then consider the regulatory scheme that can or should be applied to these new technologies, including issues of access, prohibition, and quality assurance, focusing on the potential role of genetics in the United States' relatively unique private/public health care system.(PHG523)

Autumn, 3 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Megan Grembowski

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