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LAW E 532 Civil Rights & Justice Clinic

Credits: 4, Max 12

Through the Civil Rights and Justice Clinic (CRJC) law students will represent clients in a broad range of civil-rights matters Washington and throughout the country. The cases involve claims against law enforcement officers alleging excessive force, false arrest, violations of the right to a fair trial and wrongful convictions, and other issues. Students will work on all aspects of litigation, as appropriate, including legal research and writing on pleadings, discovery, conducting investigations, oral argument at hearings, and other efforts to advance client’s interests. Students will also have opportunities to advocate for clients in non-litigation formats as well as conduct research on broader policy issues related to civil-rights actions and litigation. Recommended courses: Civil Procedure II; Fed. Courts; Evidence; Criminal Procedure; and Constitutional Law II. This clinic is restricted to 3L students only.

Autumn-Winter-Spring, 4-4-4 Credit(s)

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David Owens

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