Courses 2014 - 2015

LAW B 535 Legislative Externship

Credits: 1-18, Max 18

Student performs legal work for an approved legislative body, including a state legislature, the United States Congress, or a foreign governmental entity in compliance with the rules set forth in the Public Service Externship Guidelines. Students enrolled in Section B must enroll concurrently in an approved externship seminar. If exceptional circumstances prevent participation in an approved seminar, a student may take, with the written permission of the Associate Dean, an Externship Tutorial or an alternative course related to the externship during the same quarter as the externship. One academic credit will be awarded for every 30 hours of work up to a maximum of 18 credits. The decision to award credit will be made by the supervising faculty member in consultation with the Public Service Program Director. The externship will be graded on a credit/no credit basis.

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