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Personal Computers

Does the Law School have a personal computer requirement?

No, there is no requirement.

If you choose not to own or don't have access to a personal computer, William Gates Hall has student/public terminals in the Law Library, and the UW Seattle campus has a number of computing facilities and labs open to students.

What computer or laptop does the Law School recommend?

We recommend devices that support the latest versions of Windows 10 or MacOS, with active warranty coverage.

Can the Law School loan me a laptop?

No, but all UW students are eligible to use the loaner equipment maintained by the University's STF Equipment Loan Program.

Can I receive financial aid to assist in purchasing a computer?

The Financial Aid Office may be able to offer you loan funds to assist toward the purchase of a computer, provided the computer will be used for educational purposes. For more information, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid website and search on the word "computer" to locate the document on requesting consideration for unusual expenses.

Does the Law School provide software to students?

No, but the University does. Software which is centrally provided to the UW community, including Sophos anti-virus software, can be found at the UWARE website.

Is Microsoft Office available to students at a discount?

Yes - Microsoft Office is available to current UW students at no additional cost.

  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for UW Students

    UW provides subscription licenses to students to obtain and install Office across PCs, Macs, Windows tablets, iPad and Android tablets, and most mobile devices. See UW-IT's Office 365 ProPlus page for details.


How do I use email at the Law School?

The School of Law's email services are provided and maintained by UW-IT, whose website provides more information.

How do I configure my email program?

UW-IT's website offers configuration instructions for many commonly-used email programs.

What happens to my UW email account after I graduate?

Information about retaining access to your UW email account after graduation is provided on UW-IT's website.


How can I keep my computer secure?

You're strongly encouraged to:
  1. Install Sophos Anti-Virus, which is provided free to all currently enrolled UW students. NOTE: Before installing Sophos Anti-Virus on your computer, you will need to first uninstall any antivirus software that may already be present on your system.
  2. Keep you computer's operating system updated with the latest security-related patches prior to your first use of the UW network.
  3. NOT leave your laptop unattended anywhere in the building. A high number of laptop thefts occur on campus, especially in libraries.

What should I do if my computer has a virus?

Contact Law School Technology Services at, so we can guide you to the appropriate solution and/or campus resource.

Course-Related Technology

How do I request a recording of my class?

Information about class recordings can be found here. The recording request form is linked at the upper right of the page.

How do I subscribe to podcasts?

To subscribe to podcasts using iTunes, follow these step-by-step instructions.

University-Provided Resources

What is a UW NetID, and how do I get one?

Your UW NetID is your personal identification for using UW online resources. A UW NetID is required of everyone associated with the University of Washington who plans on using online central administrative programs and computing services. Your UW NetID ensures the privacy of your personal information and restricts the use of resources to those for whom they are intended.

Your UW NetID remains the same throughout your life, no matter what associations you have with the University of Washington.

Your Student ID number and Private Access Code were provided to you (via US postal mail) from the Registrar's Office when you were admitted. If you misplaced your code, you may contact the Registration Office at (206) 543-8580 and request this information.

Additional information and support for your UW NetID is available here.

Does the University provide students with a way to store and share files?

Students have access to the centrally-managed UW Google Apps or U Drive services.

Additionally, information on creating a webpage within University-provided server space can be found here.

Technical Support

What is the School of Law's technical support policy for students?

Technology Services provides comprehensive support for the software and Law School-managed services which students use to fulfill their academic responsibilities. Additionally, we provide students with technical support for issues affecting the stability and security of resources used by the broader Law School and/or UW communities.

Technology Services is unable to perform hardware repairs on student-owned technology equipment. However, we can provide students with general advice and basic, high-level diagnoses for hardware-related problems, as guidance for contacting the equipment manufacturer or appropriate repair service.

How do I contact technical support?

Contact Law School Technology Services at or 206-543-6457. If you have problems with your UW NetID, such as a forgotten password, email UW-IT at or 206-221-5000.


How do I use the William Gates Hall wireless network?

For information about using the William Gates Hall wireless network, please see our wireless information page.

What should I do if my access to the wireless network is blocked?

In some cases, UW-IT must block a compromised system from accessing the UW network in order to protect other networked systems. For more information, please see our wireless information page.

Computer and Printing Resources on Campus

Where are there computers available for law student use?

The Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library (William Gates Hall floors L1 and L2) provides terminals in the student lounge in L113, as well as public computer terminals in the library commons area. There are also multiple computer labs on the UW Seattle campus.

What printing/copying/scanning resources are available to me?

Refer to the Student Printing page for details.

Other Questions

Where do I go for questions about my Husky card?

Please contact the Law School Building Coordinator at

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