Clinic Projects

The Tribal Court Public Defense Clinic currently has several on-going projects in which students may participate.  If you are interested in working on one of these projects, please contact Clinic faculty for information.

Native American Law Center/Navajo Public Defender Partnership

In 2007, the Native American Law Center entered into a partnership with the Office of Navajo Public Defender to provide reciprocal training of defender staff and Clinic students during a weeklong visit.  In addition Clinic students meet with Navajo judges and observe the Navajo court system.  The students also attend a training at the Dine’ Policy Institute.  This yearly trip to the Navajo Nation culminates in a visit to Canyon De Chelly in the company of a traditional Navajo family.

Native American Law Center/UW Asian Law Center

Professors Ron Whitener and Molly Cohan are working with the US School of Law Asian Law Center on issues of incorporation of traditional tribal concepts of justice into pluralistic court systems. The Asian Law Center provides training through the Afghan Legal Educators Program for Law and Shari'a faculties at universities throughout Afghanistan. In the company of Clinic faculty and students, several of the Afghan scholars visited Tulalip Tribal Court, participated in the week long training at the Navajo Nation and attended joint conferences with the Native Law Center and Dine' Policy Institute.  This collaborative work is focused on the efforts of tribal courts to meld traditional forms of tribal justice and dispute resolution with western adversary court ideals and processes.   

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