Technology Law and Public Policy Clinic Projects

Spyware Complaint Investigation and Pleading

Protecting consumers from Spyware by investigating consumer complaints and drafting formal pleadings directed to the Federal Trade Commission, one of these actions lead to cessation of the target company’s wrongful activities and a settlement of three million dollars.

Radio Frequency Identification Tag Model Legislation and Best Practices

Protecting consumer privacy by establishing a mechanism to inform customers if radio frequency identification tags (extremely small send-receive data devices called RFID tags), are present in bank cards, identification documents and retail products. Clinical students have studied the technology, assessed current laws, spoken with consumer and industry representatives and produced model legislation and corresponding best business practices.

VOIP Regulation Model Legislation

Advocating regulatory transparency for consumers wishing to use Internet delivered telephone service known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Clinic generated model legislation creates a regulatory scheme which treats users of VOIP technology in the same manner as those customers subscribing to land line telephone service. This model legislation has been submitted to the Office of the Washington State Attorney General and interested Washington State legislators.

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