Clinical Law Program History

Like all strong institutions, the Clinical Law Program has evolved organically over time, responding to the needs of the community, the talents and interests of faculty and students, and funding opportunities to provide diverse and exciting clinical experiences to US School of Law students.

We are proud of the service our students have provided to the community since the US School of Law first began offering clinical education in 1979. The following timeline lists our "legacy" clinics that are not currently offered, the type of work they did, and the faculty who have taught in them.

Timeline of Legacy Clinics

1979-1982 University District Defender Services

Faculty: Charles (C.Z) Smith, Marsha Pechman
Criminal defense in misdemeanor cases.

1984-2002 Criminal Law Clinic

Faculty: Alan Kirtley (1984-1989), Jackie McMurtrie (1989-2002), Leo Hamaji (2001-2002)
Community collaboration sited at The Defender Association providing representation in misdemeanor cases in Seattle Municipal Court.

1989-1996 Civil Law Clinic/Family and Unemployment Law Clinic

Faculty: Alan Kirtley, Debbie Maranville, Michele Jones
Precursor to both the Children and Youth Advocacy Clinic and the Unemployment Compensation Clinic.

1993-1999 Affordable Housing Development Clinic

Faculty: Janet E. Stearns (1993-1996), Lori Salzarullo (1996-1999)
Transactional clinic in which students assisted non-profit providers of low-income housing.

1996-2009Refugee and Immigrant Advocacy Clinic

Faculty: Jill Dutton
In community partnership with Evergreen Legal Services and its successor Northwest Justice Project students engaged in individual and systemic advocacy around immigrant access to public benefits and other issues.

1998- 2000 Appellate Advocacy Clinic

Faculty: Helen Anderson
Collaboration with 9th Circuit Pro Bono Panel spearheaded by legal writing professor.

2001-2002 Intellectual Property Clinic

Faculty: Bill Baron
Students worked with the UW Technology Transfer Office on intellectual property issues.

2001-2002 Advanced Mediation Practicum

Faculty: Renee Ewalt
Opportunity for students who completed Mediation Clinic as 2Ls to mediate EEOC and small claims court cases.

2001-2004 Automobile Impoundment Clinic

Faculty: Lisa Daugaard and Mary Wolney
Community collaboration with The Defender Association's Racial Disparity Project, discontinued when City of Seattle changed its practices on automobile impoundment as a response to driving without a valid license.

2003-2005 Disability Law Clinic

Faculty: Ele Hamburger, Karen Clark, Christy Thompson-Ibrahim, Dinnen Cleary Community partnership with Columbia Legal Services.

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