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In addition to development of their other legal skills, by Clinic end students will be able to:
  1. Apply provisions of a major statute regulating pollution control, natural resources, climate change, or wildlife law;
  2. Draft targeted, effective comments on preliminary agency actions;
  3. Solicit and synthesize expert opinions for inclusion in an administrative record;
  4. Use the Freedom of Information Act process to gather information to inform an administrative record;
  5. Apply sound basic lawyering skills, including conformity to deadlines and effective drafting.
Students will be graded on a credit/no credit basis. Full credit for this Clinic requires (a) vigorous participation in class sessions and (b) delivery of multiple written assignments.

To receive credit for participation, students must:
  • attend all classes, or request in advance a single excused absence per quarter and provide an alternative written contribution in place of attendance;
  • demonstrate active engagement with assigned materials;
  • provide original contributions to discussion; and
  • collaborate to help shape directions for further research and or comment.
To receive credit for delivery of written materials, students must:
  • maintain a weekly journal of defined minimum length (~1000 words) to reflect on the readings and research materials;
  • complete one significant individual research memo per quarter – including a preliminary issue statement and research plan, a complete first draft, and at least one fully revised draft in response to instructor and peer review; and
  • participate in editing the individual research memos to read as a single coherent group comment for the public record.
Students' written products will need to conform to substantive expectations for legal content, assume a sound technical form for productive administrative-record-building, and demonstrate advanced professional development in tone and diction.

Students who meet all of the requirements above will receive credit for the Clinic. Failure to meet any of the requirements above will result in a "no credit" grade for the Clinic.

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