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Promoting Economic Development by Facilitating Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (ELC) is an innovative clinic serving entrepreneurs throughout the Pacific Northwest. We team law and business students with pro bono attorneys and business advisors to provide critical early stage legal and business counseling.

The Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (ELC) was founded in recognition that:

  1. Low or no cost legal services to entrepreneurs and non-profits that serve them might demonstrably assist in broad-based economic development;
  2. Low or no cost legal services may be required to fulfill society’s, and the legal profession’s, obligation to provide meaningful access to justice across a broad spectrum of needs; and
  3. Emphasis on leveraging a region’s research institutions can be used as an engine for desirable high tech economic development.

The ELC is based on a pioneering model developed by Professor Sean O’Connor that is a hybrid of a traditional law clinic and an externship. This model allows more clients and students to interact in the ELC than in a traditional clinic. It also taps the strong entrepreneurship-focused legal practitioner community in the Seattle area to deliver experienced, high quality legal services and mentorship to the ELC clients and students. The ELC is modeled after the structure and services of technology and entrepreneurship-focused law firms by providing access to lawyers and students specializing in critical fields such as intellectual property (IP), corporate and securities law, and tax.

By providing such counseling, the ELC has become one of the cornerstones of the innovation ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest. In 2016-17, the ELC served 28 ventures, including eleven microenterprises, seven technology ventures, and eight nonprofit or social entrepreneurship ventures. We provide critical early stage legal and business counseling to the following groups:

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