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The ELC partners with UW CoMotion, the Institute for Translational Health Sciences (ITHS), and the Coulter Translational Research Partnership (at UW Engineered Biomaterials and Department of Bioengineering), to deliver assistance to the UW and ITHS faculty researchers who are interested in forming spin-off companies to commercialize their technologies.

UW Faculty Researchers:  Please contact the ELC directly to apply for services.  Note that you must also have already filed a record of invention with UW CoMotion (CoMotion), or be prepared to file one before the ELC can accept you as a client.  In most cases, the UW faculty researchers will work with CoMotion’s New Ventures  staff to determine whether the technology is best licensed out to existing businesses or whether it is suitable for a new spin-off company.  If you and CoMotion determine that a spin-off company is warranted, then New Ventures staff will work with the ELC to have a team assigned to you.  The first step will be our core legal and business audit service that provides a comprehensive analysis of potential legal and business planning issues (see General Overview of Services).  Following this, the ELC will work with you and CoMotion to determine which further services the ELC will provide to you and the spin-off company.  Please note that the ELC cannot represent you or your spin-off company in negotiations with UW for things like technology transfer/IP licenses from the UW.  Be aware that technologies you have developed at the UW are most likely the property of the UW.

ITHS Researchers:  Please contact the ELC directly to apply for services.  If you are also a UW faculty member, see "UW Faculty Researchers" above. If you are not a UW faculty member, please be aware that technologies you have developed at your research institution may be the property of your employer.  We strongly encourage you to discuss ownership of your technologies with your institution, especially its office of technology transfer.

Accepted UW faculty and/or ITHS researcher clients will be assigned a full team consisting of different students and attorneys for review of each of the following:

  • Fast growth tech business planning
  • Intellectual property (IP), including patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks
  • Corporate and securities law, including counseling as to what to expect in angel or venture capital financing rounds, as well as the initial public offering (IPO) process
  • Tax planning for fast growth enterprises, including consideration of "C" and "S" corporation tax status, stock options and other alternative or enhanced compensation plans
  • Employment issues, with particular focus on IP assignment, confidentiality. And non-compete clauses
  • Industry/technology specific legal issues such as:
    • FDA and state regulatory issues for life sciences ventures
    • Privacy, information security, and cross border commercial and tax law issues for online or e-commerce ventures

How to apply

  1. Download our For-Profit Client Application
  2. Send completed application form along with business plan to .
  3. The ELC will review your application and notify you as to whether you are accepted three to four weeks before the start of the upcoming school term.

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