ELC Clients - Small Business Owners

Individuals or groups who wish to build, or have already started, a for-profit business around a retail, supplier, or services model fit into this category.  Technology may be involved, but the business plan should not be centered on commercialization of a new technology.  Businesses seeking to commercialize a technology should review the section on "Technology Entrepreneurs" instead. 

The business should be in the planning stages, or, if already launched, should not currently be generating substantial profits or sufficient revenue to allow the founders to be paid fair market rate for their services.  Eligibility of individual founders with other current sources of income will be assessed according to the income guidelines set out in the General Guidelines for Client Eligibility.

Accepted clients will be assigned a team tailored to the needs of the proposed venture.  In some cases this will be a full team consisting of different students and attorneys for review of:

  • Business planning, structure, and governance
  • Intellectual property, particularly trademarks, trade secrets, copyright, and, if applicable, patents
  • Employment law; business licensing; and tax planning and compliance. 

In other cases, the small business owner will be assigned a team with a single student and supervising attorney.  For example, a small business with no employees that seeks a simple corporate or LLC structure and tax guidance can benefit from the efficiencies of a single business and tax law trained student and supervising attorney team.

The initial confidential legal and business audit report will assess the following areas, as applicable; additional legal services in these areas may also be offered upon mutual written agreement of the business and the ELC:

  • Business planning
  • Entity selection and registration
  • State and local business licenses
  • Federal, state and local tax issues
  • Financing documents
  • Leases and other commercial contracts
  • Employment agreements
  • Trademark and copyright registration, provisional patent applications, and licensing agreements
  • IP counseling regarding branding, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, freedom to operate, unfair competition, antitrust, publicity rights, and privacy rights.

Prospective clients should also read the section on General Overview of Services.

How to apply

  1. Download our For-Profit Client Application
  2. Send completed application form along with business plan to .
  3. The ELC will review your application and notify you as to whether you are accepted approximately three to four weeks before the start of the upcoming school term.

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