General Overview of Services

The ELC is a transactional and counseling clinic, which means that we do not represent clients in litigation, arbitration, mediation, or any other active dispute.  Instead our services center on providing your business with a comprehensive “legal and business audit” that will help you identify issues before they become serious problems.  We will provide you with a confidential report, generally at the end of the academic quarter in which you or your business became a client.  This report will also give you guidance on how to proceed to remedy potential problems and/or establish systems to limit or prevent standard business formation and growth pitfalls.  Our standard representation includes a commitment only to this audit process.

Upon mutual written agreement between you and ELC, we may extend our representation to assist you in basic entrepreneurship-focused legal service, such as:

  • Forming a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or other legal business entity as appropriate
  • Filing simple intellectual property (IP) documents such as provisional patent applications, copyright registrations, and trademark registration applications
  • Reviewing, negotiating, and/or drafting contracts such as commercial leases and loans, vendor agreements, services agreements, or employment agreements
  • Assisting in compliance with state and local business licenses and taxes
  • Drafting and execution of trademark and copyright registrations, provisional patent applications, and licensing or assignment agreements
  • IP counseling regarding branding, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, freedom to operate, unfair competition, antitrust, publicity rights, and privacy rights


Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
University of Washington School of Law
William H. Gates Hall | Box 353020
Seattle, Washington 98195-3020

Phone: (206) 616-5854
Fax:(206) 685-2388

Last updated 8/13/2013