Client Application

In determining whether a business is eligible for free legal services through the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, we consider the following factors:

  • The household income and family size of the business owner(s)
  • The revenue of the business, if any
  • The business owner(s)’s access to credit and capital
  • The benefit that the business will provide to the community

Preference is given to low-income individuals. We will take into consideration extenuating circumstances and special needs when evaluating an applicant’s income eligibility (i.e. child care, required educational expenses, child support or alimony, special employment expenses, and other financial obligations).

Please fill out either the For-Profit Client Application or the Non-Profit Client Application. You can then print the application for your records and either email a .pdf of your application to  or mail a hard copy to:

Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
University of Washington School of Law
William H. Gates Hall | Box 353020
Seattle, Washington 98195-3020

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