Finding a Job

  • Get practical experience for your resume. There are several ways to build practical experience into your academic plan that are fun and helpful to your resume.
  • Find a practice area that interests you and suits your personality and working style.
  • Participate in the Fall Recruiting Program. Private firms and government employers recruit for 2L summer associates and some post-graduation positions every fall. Begin planning your participation in the summer. More information specific to your class year is on your class page.
  • Research Employers. While the best way to get to know an employer is to talk to the people who work for that employer, these online resources can give you valuable background information so that you can make the most of your informational interviews.
  • Check job postings in SCS Online. Postings are updated frequently, so check back often. You can also create a job search agent within SCS Online to automatically receive email notifications about new job postings that fit your criteria.
  • Prepare a cover letter, resume and writing sample to apply for a job.
  • Do a mock interview with either your assigned mentor or your career coach to prepare for your interview.
  • Choose the right jurisdiction for taking the bar exam or talk to your coach if you are considering delaying or not taking the bar exam.
  • Keep in touch with your Student and Career Services coach about the process and when you succeed in your search, let us know!
  • "What are you going to do after law school?" A video presentation by Associate Professor Dwight Drake. 

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