Registering for the Bar Exam

Admission to the bar in all states involves character, fitness and other qualifications; some jurisdictions’ timelines for registration begin as early as January. Registration takes time and often requires certified documentation, so research your jurisdiction’s requirements early and leave ample time for Academic Services to process your request. Do not rely on other students’ information about bar requirements as they do change.

Financial Assistance for Bar Exam Fees

Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ) Scholarships
There are two scholarship programs available to future plaintiff's attorneys:

  • Women of WSAJ Bar Preparation Scholarship
  • WSAJ Diversity Bar Preparation Scholarship

Some banks offer bar exam loans. Because each lender has different eligibility requirements and loan conditions, we strongly encourage you to research thoroughly your options before deciding on a lender. Factors to consider include: borrowing maximum, origination fees, grace period (6 months or 9 months from the date of graduation), interest rate, and repayment incentives.

The Patent Bar Exam

For students who want to practice IP law, we recommend becoming a member of the patent bar. Information on the patent bar exam requirements and instructions for registration can be found on the United State Patent and Trademark Office website. Exams are offered on an on-going basis, and there is a fee to take the exam.

Studying for the Bar Exam

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