Information for 3Ls

Summer after 2L Year

  • End with your summer employer well. Make sure you have done work that can be used as a writing sample.
  • Reassess practice interest areas based on summer experience. If you are thinking of changing focus, talk with your career coach. If you are interested in pursuing a judicial clerkship, submit your application materials before Labor Day.


Autumn Quarter

  • Update your resume with summer work experience.
  • Take on a leadership role in a student organization.

Winter Quarter

  • Decide which jurisdiction you want to practice in and familiarize yourself with the requirements of registering for the bar exam.
  •  Update your LinkedIn profile with a professional picture and neutral email address.

Spring Quarter

  • Sign up for a bar review course if you are taking the bar exam. The best time to take the bar exam is directly after graduating because you are still in "study mode" and the content is fresh in your mind.
  • Attend the Student and Career Services (SCS)/ Gates PSL workshop on taking the bar exam successfully.

After You Get Your Job

  • Regardless of your employment status, please be sure to complete the graduate employment survey by July 1. If you secure employment after July 1, please complete a new survey. These statistics are very important to incoming students and significantly impact the school’s ranking. Use the services of SCS as needed after graduation. Your Symplicity account will remain active and you are welcome to continue working with SCS coaches.
  • Join the alumni network and help other University of Washington School of Law students integrate into the legal community.

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