Information for 2Ls

Summer after 1L year


  • Update resume with summer work experience; student organizations involvement; honors and awards. Samples
  • Have career coach review your updated resume
  • Participate in the Fall Recruiting Program
  • Submit OCI applications via Symplicity
  • Get materials together for firms sponsoring 2L Diversity Fellowship Programs; applications are due in early September
  • If you are interested in leaving Seattle for the summer, consider national diversity fellowship programs sponsored by law firms. You can find information about these opportunities here.


  • If selected for interviews, schedule a mock interview with your career coach the week before scheduled interviews

Autumn Quarter

  • If you are interested in pursuing a post-graduate judicial clerkship, select courses for 2L year that will provide you with the opportunity to have strong letters of recommendation. We recommend trying to take at least two courses with two faculty members. Attend clerkship information sessions and connect with Clerkship Program Directors.
  • Take on a leadership role in a student organization
  • Identify Rule 9 employers for summer work (prosecutor’s office; public defenders)
  • Reassess practice interest areas based on summer experience

Winter Quarter

  • Prepare materials for post-graduation judicial clerkships
  • Be sure to check in with your coach and keep an eye on Symplicity for new opportunities

Spring Quarter

  • Some federal judges begin to accept clerkship applications as early as March; some state courts begin to accept applications in May; work with the Clerkship Program Directors to learn about the different deadlines
  • If working as a Rule 9 Legal Intern this summer, apply for a license with WSBA four weeks before the end of Spring Quarter.


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