On-Campus Interviews

Information For Students

UW Law students can find more information about our On-Campus Interview (OCI) and Resume Collection programs in the Career Development Resource Center in Canvas. If you have questions, please contact us at lawpath@uw.edu.

Information For Employers

The Center for Career Development offers many opportunities for employers to connect with UW Law students for summer and post-graduate positions. We encourage you to consider participating in one or more of the programs listed below.

Winter 2024 On-Campus Interviews

Register to recruit UW Law students during our Winter OCI program through our 12Twenty online portal. OCI registration instructions can be found on the Register tab at the top of this page. Interviews will be conducted virtually via Zoom.

OCI Session OCI Dates Registration Deadline
January Jan. 25–26 Dec. 18

Resume drop dates are listed in the Important Dates for Employers document in the right sidebar.

If you would like to host OCI interviews on a date not listed above, contact uwlawrec@uw.edu.

Winter 2024 Resume Collections

Employers who would prefer to conduct interviews on a different timeline or invite applicants to interview in person are invited to participate in Resume Collections. Participating in a Resume Collection as part of our Organized Recruiting Program has many benefits and may increase the number of students viewing and applying for employment opportunities. Register for a Resume Collection to receive application materials from all applicants at one time through one of our upcoming sessions.

Resume Collection Registration Deadline Submission to Employers

Monday, Dec. 18 Friday, Jan. 19
February Monday, Jan. 29 Friday, Feb. 23

Winter 2024 OCI Fee Schedule

Participants Fee
1–10 attorneys $75
11–25 attorneys $125
26–50 attorneys $250
51–150 attorneys $350
151+ attorneys, Accounting Firms and Corporations $400
Government and Public Interest Organizations fee waived
First-time OCI Participants fee waived
Resume Collection Participants fee waived

Fees are non-refundable. Invoices and payment instructions will be sent following schedule request approval. Fees are based on the number of attorneys in the participating office(s) and not on the number of attorneys in the entire organization. If you are hiring for multiple offices, please list the locations in the OCI posting attached to your registration.

Off-Campus Career Fairs

Northwest Minority Job Fair

Sponsored by a consortium of private and public employers committed to promoting diversity in the Seattle legal community.

NW Public Service Career Fair

The Northwest Consortium of Law Schools holds two Public Service Career Fairs each year during the month of February. Employer registration for this fair opens in early October and closes in December.

Job Announcements

Job announcements for student and attorney positions are accepted throughout the year. Post available positions online using 12Twenty or send an e-mail to .

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our students, and we want to make the recruiting process convenient and effective for you. If you would like additional information about our Organized Recruiting Programs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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