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Asian Law Center Lecture:
Changing Trends for the Legal Profession in Japan

Thursday, March 2, 2017
12:30–1:30 p.m. (lunch provided)
William H. Gates Hall Room 115

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In its final report, issued in 2001, the Japanese Justice System Reform Council envisioned a great expansion in the role of the legal profession, expressing its expectation that “lawyers will respond actively to social needs in every corner of society.” It would be an overstatement to suggest that vision has been fully realized. Yet the past fifteen years have seen great rises in the numbers of lawyers practicing in regions of so-called "lawyer scarcity," increasing specialization in the legal profession, and, in an especially noteworthy development, a steady and substantial increase in lawyers working in-house in corporations and in national and local government bodies. This lecture will examine these developments and discuss their implications.

About Professor Daniel H. Foote

Daniel H. Foote is Dan Fenno Henderson Professor Emeritus and Senior Advisor to the UW Asian Law Center. He is Professor of Law at the University of Tokyo, where he holds the post in Sociology of Law. Professor Foote is a leading scholar on Japanese law. Individually or jointly, he has written or edited eight books and over seventy articles and book chapters in the fields of Japanese and comparative law, including many works in Japanese. Major research interests include legal education, the legal profession, the judiciary, criminal justice, dispute resolution, justice system reform, labor and employment, legal implications of the 2011 disaster, and the interrelationship between Japanese law and law elsewhere in Asia. His research involves a heavy focus on the relationship between law and society, with a strong empirical focus.

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