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J.D. / LL.M. Concurrent Degree

As a UW Law student, you have the opportunity to participate in world-class J.D., Masters’ and Ph.D. level programs about the emerging problems of legal system reform and regulation in Eurasia, Northeast and Southeast Asia.

The Asian Law Center is a preeminent international center for the study of Asian, International, and Development Law. The Center has over 800 alumni who work as legal academics, lawyers, and judges in the United States, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Australasia. UW faculty are leading scholars in Asian, International, and Development Law. The Asian Law Center publishes Asian Law Abstracts (an electronic journal); Australian Journal of Asian Law; and a book series: Asian Law Series, UW Press and provides faculty support for the Washington International Law Journal.

Where Can an Asian Law, Global Business Law, or Sustainable International Development Law LL.M. Take Me?

  • Practice law in Asia, work for an NGO or in international development, or work on global business transactions in the United States.
  • Learn (or improve) a foreign language - be a legal professional who is ready for globalized practice.
  • Develop ongoing friendships with lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and academics from across Asia and beyond.
  • Finance your degree by getting help with scholarship funding to support language or LL.M. study.


J.D.s can apply for concurrent enrollment at the end of their 1L or 2L year.

For the Asian Law LL.M., applicants must be proficient in an Asian language or a language in which original research on Asian law can be conducted.  Examples of European languages for research purposes include French, German, and Russian, where there is a link between legal sources and scholarship in these languages and the legal systems that the applicant wishes to study.  Proficiency for this purpose means a minimum level of reading, writing and speaking ability equivalent to the level reached after completing a third-year college course.

Application Procedures and Timeline

  • In Spring Quarter of the 1L year, attend a scheduled Asian Law advising session and/or meet with an Academic Program Coordinator.
  • Draft an enrollment plan that adds the required additional 28 credits to your existing J.D. degree. (Note that the LL.M. degree is currently 40 credits, 12 of which are fulfilled by your J.D. credits). The additional 28 credits typically require some combination of extra quarters, more credits each quarter, or use of the Summer Quarter.
  • Work out a plan to finance the 28 extra credits. (For the Asian Law LL.M., this may include a Foreign Languages and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship administered through the Jackson School of International Studies. Questions about FLAS should be addressed to:
  • • Apply for admission to the LL.M. program by the end of Spring Quarter of your 1L or 2L year. Earlier applications are encouraged. Application procedures are the same as for external applicants. Your contact point is

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