Recurring Advancement Opportunities

Admitted Student Outreach

Share your positive UW Law experience with admitted students, answer any questions they might have and generally reassure our admitted students that UW Law is the place for them. You may specify the number of students you would like to contact.

  • General time commitment: 30 min. prep 15 min. outreach per student
  • Time of year: Spring (primarily March - April)
  • Time of day: Varies
  • Contact: Office of Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Areas of expertise: Varies

Arrange a Faculty Presentation at Your Office

Members of our distinguished faculty are available for formal or informal speaking engagements.

  • General time commitment: Varies, usually 1 hour visit + 2 - 3 hours to organize
  • Time of year: Year-round
  • Time of day: Anytime, lunch visits are popular
  • Contact: Holley Cassell, Advancement
  • Areas of expertise: Anytime, lunch visits are popular

Attend or Participate in a CLE

The UW School of Law Continuing Legal Education (CLE) offers in-depth continuing legal education opportunities for the legal community and professionals in other related disciplines. Our programs are led by members of our outstanding faculty, local, regional, national and international attorneys and professors from other law schools as well as federal and state court judges. Our seminars, symposiums and conferences are designed to update the legal community and others on recent developments in the law, to assist in increased understanding of substantive areas of the law, and to provide opportunities to enhance legal skills for constituents of both the public and private sectors.

  • General time commitment: 1+ hour for attendees 10+ hours for presenters
  • Time of year: Year-round
  • Time of day: Varies
  • Contact: Holley Cassell, Advancement
  • Areas of expertise: Varies

Be a Moot Court Judge

UW Law's Moot Court Honor Board, which assists law students in developing their advocacy skills through practice and competition, seeks the expertise of local practitioners in the legal community. MCHB relies on volunteer attorneys to provide judging and feedback for our in-house competitions. In addition to allowing the competitions to function, volunteer judges provide valuable feedback that helps students improve their advocacy skills.

  • General time commitment: 3 to 3.5 hours per round
  • Time of year: September – May
  • Time of day: September – May
  • Contact: Judge Coordinators
  • Areas of expertise: September – May

Co-Teach for a Day in Civil Procedure, Administrative Law or Labor Law

Provide valuable practical expertise on specific topics for Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, or Labor Law classes for the 2013-14 school year.

  • General time commitment: 1-2 hours
  • Time of year: Admin Law – Fall 2013 Civ Pro - Winter 2014 Labor Law – Spring 2014
  • Time of day: Morning
  • Contact: Lea B. Vaughn, Professor of Law
  • Areas of expertise: Morning

Help Get the Word Out for Your Class Reunion

The law school alumni office is always looking for class members to help get the word out to classmates regarding deceminal reunions. If you are in a reunion class for the upcoming year and are enthusiastic about getting together with your classmates, we want to hear from you!

  • General time commitment: Varies
  • Time of year: Spring - Fall
  • Time of day: Varies
  • Contact: Hana Kenny
  • Areas of expertise: Varies

Help Students Plan for Their Careers

Students benefit from working with law professionals as they seek employment. Your advice and suggestions open doors as students navigate the job market. Our Center for Professional and Leadership Development staff are always looking to alumni to help students with their job search and career options. Professionals meet with students for an evening to discuss topics such as government employment, finding a summer externship, navigating the world of private practice, public interest law, working overseas, and networking opportunities. Programs include: 1L Mock Interview Program (January), Pre-On-Campus Interviews (OC I) Mock Interview Program (Summer), OCI Information Sessions (May), "Practical Tips for a Successful Summer (What the Employer Really Wants You to Know)" and Meet the Legal Professionals.

Mock Interview Program

Attorneys conduct mock interviews and critique interviewing skills for first, second, and third year law students.

Participate in a Class or Clinic

Are you working on an interesting case? Have you set a precedent? Students, faculty members, and clinic directors welcome your involvement and insight.

  • General time commitment: 2+ hours
  • Time of year: Primarily September - May
  • Time of day: Varies
  • Contact: Holley Cassell, Advancement
  • Areas of expertise: Varies

Pre-OCI Mock Interview Program

Help prepare our students for job interviews by conducting practice interviews and providing critiques.

Professional Mentor

Through our Professional Mentor program, the law school pairs students with practicing professionals and judges in the Seattle area. You can offer guidance and encouragement, facilitate networking opportunities, and share your specialized knowledge with 1L students. We will pair you with a student who will benefit from your experience when making academic and professional choices.

  • General time commitment: 4 hours for events 3 hours individual student interaction
  • Time of year: Year-round; kick-off reception in fall; year-end reception in spring
  • Time of day: Semi-annual evening receptions
  • Contact: Center for Professional and Leadership Development
  • Areas of expertise: Semi-annual evening receptions

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