Sharing & Research Advancement Opportunities

Special project Advise Faculty Creating Team-Based Learning Activities for Students

Provide "real world" expertise and advice to faculty developing team-based experiential learning activities for students.

  • General time commitment: 3-5 hours
  • Time of year: Contracts - Autumn & Winter 2013/14
  • Time of day: TBD
  • Contact: Jane K. Winn, Professor of Law
  • Areas of expertise: TBD

Attend or Participate in a CLE

The UW School of Law Continuing Legal Education (CLE) offers in-depth continuing legal education opportunities for the legal community and professionals in other related disciplines. Our programs are led by members of our outstanding faculty, local, regional, national and international attorneys and professors from other law schools as well as federal and state court judges. Our seminars, symposiums and conferences are designed to update the legal community and others on recent developments in the law, to assist in increased understanding of substantive areas of the law, and to provide opportunities to enhance legal skills for constituents of both the public and private sectors.

  • General time commitment: 1+ hour for attendees 10+ hours for presenters
  • Time of year: Year-round
  • Time of day: Varies
  • Contact: Holley Cassell, Advancement
  • Areas of expertise: Varies

Special project Discussion with Complex Litigation Class

Provide example and discussion of complex litigation for class.

Special project Guest Speaker - Technology Law & Public Policy Clinic

Prepare a presentation on a topic relating to projects underway by the Technology Law & Public Policy Clinic.

Special project Guest Speaker for Patent and Trademark Classes

Prepare and present a topic for various patent and trademark classes for the 2013-14 acadmic year.

  • General time commitment: 1-2 hours
  • Time of year: IP Law Core– Fall 2013 Adv. Trademark Law - Winter 2014 Adv. Patent Law – Winter 2014
  • Time of day: Morning
  • Contact: Toshiko Takenaka, Professor of Law
  • Areas of expertise: Morning

Special project IP Speaker for Transnational IP Program in Europe

Suggest a topic to present at the annual transnational IP Program.

Participate in a Class or Clinic

Are you working on an interesting case? Have you set a precedent? Students, faculty members, and clinic directors welcome your involvement and insight.

  • General time commitment: 2+ hours
  • Time of year: Primarily September - May
  • Time of day: Varies
  • Contact: Holley Cassell, Advancement
  • Areas of expertise: Varies

Special project Participate in Discussions and Exercises at the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic

Bring your expertise to specific discussions or exercises within the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic.

  • General time commitment: 1-3 hours
  • Time of year: Winter Quarter (Jan - March) 2014 Spring Quarter (Mar - June) 2014
  • Time of day: Mid-day
  • Contact: Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
  • Areas of expertise: Mid-day

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