Student Video Series: Transcripts

UW School of Law Faculty

Bryson Davis, Class of 2013:

Well what I appreciate about the faculty is their creativity and innovation.

Alyson Palmer, Class of 2013:

The faculty here at UW, just in researching their bios, they’re clearly experts in their fields and they really are committed to teaching. They’re really open and honest about what happens practically in the world.

Rocky White, Class of 2013:

I appreciate that the faculty are top notch and they are scholars intheir field. You can really get in touch with them to get help whenever you really want.

Edwin Lindo, Class of 2012:

It goes beyond the classroom. We’ve had professors who have hosted dinner parties at their home. They’ve hosted mock poker tournaments so that all the class can come together and really just have a good time.

Alyson Palmer, Class of 2013:

They’re really accessible, I mean absolutely accessible.

Josephine Ennis, Class of 2013:

I also really like the faculty members that I’ve gotten to know. I feel like they’re very willing to help students. They’re very impressive people. They’re brilliant. They’ve done interesting things.

Alyson Palmer, Class of 2013:

They’re supportive of student activities. They’re involved in the extra-curricular things that we do.

Josephine Ennis, Class of 2013:

Everyone has a professor that they’re going to connect with 100%

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