Student Video Series: Transcripts

UW School of Law Education

Bryson Davis, Class of 2013:

I’d say the UW education is quite high quality and I think the number one reason I would say that is the innovation and the kind of forward thinking that goes on with the faculty.

Alyson Palmer, Class of 2013:

Vigorous because we are at a top law school, the top law school in the northwest. Practical because we learn how to practice the law. Practicing the law is a skill set. It’s a craft and we’re gaining the tools that we need in order to practice that craft. Responsive because we are learning about things that are happening in the legal community right now.

Edwin Lindo, Class of 2012:

And I talk to employers and they say, ‘Edwin to be brutally honest, whatever they do at UW is exactly what every other school should be doing because you come in to our office ready to go. You know how to write well. You know how to research. And you work hard and that’s what we want.

Josephine Ennis, Class of 2013:

It’s a very challenging experience. It’s not an easy thing to go through, but I feel like I am really learning to be an attorney and learning to think in a powerful way and I know that just with the reputation that UW has a lot of doors will be open to me when I graduate from here.

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