Student Video Series: Transcripts

Living in Seattle

Alyson Palmer, Class of 2013:

I really love Seattle. It’s a combination of a big city and green space and pretty views and water areas.

Bryson Davis, Class of 2013:

That big city allure where you have professional sports teams. You have a pretty skyline. It’s just that kind of perfect balance between big and small.

Josephine Ennis, Class of 2013:

I was really worried about the weather here and it has not been an issue for me at all. I feel like this is a really active city. There is so much to do here. I acutally wish I had more time to take advantage of all the opportunities.

Edwin Lindo, Class of 2012:

And the people are, to me, what gives the characteristic, that gives the character and the personality to Seattle. It really is a very welcoming, calm and relaxed environment and so the stress level really just comes down and being in law school that’s a very, very beneficial thing.

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