Student Video Series: Transcripts

Why Study at the University of Washington

Alyson Palmer, Class of 2013:

I chose the University of Washington School of Law because I thought it was the best school, the premier school in the northwest.

Bryson Davis, Class of 2013:

I wanted a school that would be big and kind of globally connected and would allow me to network while I was in school with people that I would potentially be working with.

Rocky White, Class of 2013:

It’s not some rural city somewhere. It’s a big city where there’s a big thriving legal market.

Bryson Davis, Class of 2013:

I like professors quite a bit. It seems like all the professors that I had are quite creative. People are really thinking in ways to kind of evolve how people learn law.

Josephine Ennis, Class of 2013:

I loved the energy of the campus. I loved the students that I met here. I loved the building and the city so it just all fit together for me.

Alyson Palmer, Class of 2013:

My peers are from all ends of the world. They have vaired backgrounds and experiences so they bring those with them into the classroom and it just makes for a really dynamic discussion every day.

Edwin Lindo, Class of 2012:

The people are fantastic. There is the students here who know that law school is competitive and they know that it creates a competitive environment but they want to make sure they push that competitiveness to the side and so there are students who want to join in study groups with you. There are students who want to make sure you’re getting the material when in reality they don’t have to. They want to make sure you succeed.

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