ABA Required Disclosures Under Standard 509

The following consumer information is provided to prospective law students in accordance with American Bar Association (ABA) Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar Standard 509 to assist prospective students in making an informed choice about law school.

2016 ABA Standard 509 Information Report

Admissions Statistics and Information

2016 Profile & Quick Facts
Applications: 2,517
Admitted: 677
Enrolled: 156
LSAT (75th/50th/25th):  165/163/157
GPA (75th/50th/25th): 3.80/3.68/3.43
Average Age: 26 (Range: 19-51)
Washington Residents: 68%
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 8:1

Tuition and Financial Aid Information

Tuition (Resident/Nonresident): $32,469/$43,860
Cost of Attendance
Number of Students Receiving Grants: 308
Median Grant Amount: $12,162
Number of Conditional Scholarships: 0 (At UW Law, students receiving merit- and/or need-based scholarships will automatically retain their incoming scholarship award each of their three years of instruction.)

Bar Passage

July 2016: 91%
July 2015: 91%
July 2014: 84%

Career Services Information

Employment Summary for 2016 Graduates
Employment Summary for 2015 Graduates
Employment Summary for 2014 Graduates
Employment Summary for 2013 Graduates

Academic Information

Academic Calendar
Tuition Refund Policy

Transfer of Credit Policy

UW Law will accept for transfer all of the credits earned during the transfer student�s first-year program. Semester-hour credits are converted to quarter-hour credits at a ratio of 1:1.5; e.g., 30 semester-hour credits will convert to 45 quarter-hour credits. Additional credits earned after the first-year are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Transfer students are expected to be in residence for a minimum of five quarters and 85 quarter-hour credits. Transfer students are eligible for graduation with honors based upon academic performance in the second and third years of law school at the University of Washington. The Law School does not have any articulation agreements with other institutions. For more information on transferring see Transfer and Non-Degree Admissions

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