Autumn 2016

Exam Reschedule Request Deadline

Monday, 12/5/2016
10:30 AM

Exam Schedule

T505A,B Introduction To Income Taxation (Behnke, Lance)
9/21/16 4:00-6:00 PM
Monday, 12/12/2016
8:30 AM A515A,B,C,D,E,F Business Organizations (Drake, Dwight)
A561A,A,B,C,D,E Law And Economics (Calandrillo, Steve)
A592A,B,C Constitutional Law II (Nicolas, Peter)
B572A Election Law (Manheim, Lisa)
T504A,B,C Income Taxation of Business and Investments (Hatfield, Michael) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM A504A Torts (Calo, Ryan)
A504B Torts (Said, Zahr)
A504C Torts (Wolcher, Louis)
H501A,B,C,D,E,F Fundamentals Of Health Law (Sanford, Sallie)
Tuesday, 12/13/2016
8:30 AM A552A,B,C Antitrust Law And Policy (Ross, Douglas) Take-home (8 hr)
B510A,B,C,D,E,F Problems In Professional Responsibility (Spitzer, Hugh)
B561A,B,C,D International Law Of The Sea (Allen, Craig)
E544A,B,C,D,E Privacy Law (Hintze, Michael)
1:00 PM A519A,B,C,D Transmission Of Wealth (Boxx, Karen)
B579A,B,C Law and Development: History and Theories (Ramasastry, Anita; Riedinger, Jeffrey)
B585A,B,C,D Natural Resources Law (Knudsen, Sanne)
6:00 PM T510A,B,C,D,E,F Estate And Gift Taxation (Drake, Dwight)
Wednesday, 12/14/2016
8:30 AM A574A,B,C,D,E,F International Law (Durkee, Melissa)
B515A,B Criminal Procedure: Investigation (West, Jessica)
B525A,B,C Alternative Dispute Resolution (Kirtley, Alan)
P501A,B,C,D Intellectual Property Law Core (Culbert, Thomas; Gomulkiewicz, Robert; Tapia, Steve) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM B503A,B Evidence (Howard, Maureen)
B507A,B Federal Courts And The Federal System (Manheim, Lisa)
T515A,B,C International Taxation I (McCormack, Shannon)
Thursday, 12/15/2016
8:30 AM A507A,B,C,D,E,F Constitutional Law I: Constitutional Structures of Government (Falvy, Dean)
A530A,B Individual Income Tax (Behnke, Lance)
A590A,B,C,D,E,F Constitutional Law: Equal Protection, Fundamental Rights, Due Process (Hart, John)
B556A,A,B Islamic Law (Lombardi, Clark) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM A509A,B,C Administrative Law (Watts, Kathryn)
A562A,B,C Employment Law (Vaughn, Lea)
E512A,B,C Rule of Law in a Global Context (Ramasastry, Anita)
6:00 PM T501A,B,C,D Taxation Of Corporations and Shareholders (Drake, Dwight)
Friday, 12/16/2016
8:30 AM A502A Civil Procedure I (Porter, Elizabeth)
A502B Civil Procedure I (Schnapper, Eric)
A503A Property I (Anderson, Robert)
1:00 PM A563A,B Local Government Law (Spitzer, Hugh)
B500A,B,C Civil Procedure II (Feldman, Jeff)
E516A Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (Williams, Brenda)
6:00 PM T534A,B,C,D State And Local Taxation (Edwards, Scott; Mahon, Robert)

Exam Reschedule Day(s) (if needed)

Saturday, 12/17/2016
8:30 AM

Paper Classes and Due Dates

A561 Law And Economics (Calandrillo, Steve)  
A575 Human Rights History: Rights, Revolutions, Republics, 1750-1850 (Walsh, Walter)  
A579 Child Advocacy Seminar (Kelly, Lisa)  
B512 Legislation and Public Policy Seminar (Zarowsky, Lara)  
B550 American Legal System and Method (Baldwin, Elizabeth)  
B550 American Legal System and Method (Baldwin, Elizabeth)  
B550 American Legal System and Method (Raigrodski, Dana)  
B551 Comparative Legal Studies Seminar (Zang, Dongsheng)  
B564 Women, Poverty, and Natural Resource Management (Giovarelli, Renee)  
B584 Indian Law Seminar (Eberhard, Eric)  
B596 International Protection Of Human Rights (Gonza, Alejandra)  
H508 Beginning Of Life: Rights And Choices (Mastroianni, Anna)  

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