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UW Law Ph.D. Candidate Amy Zhe Peng cited by Court of Appeals

SEATTLE -- Amy Zhe Peng, a research assistant at UW Law’s CASRIP program and Intellectual Property Law Ph.D. Candidate was cited by the Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit in Myspace, Inc v. Graphon Corp.

Peng co-authored the article with other law professionals at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP. The piece, “A Panacea for Inequitable Conduct Problems or Kingsdown Version 2.0?” delves into the Therasense Decision and a looks into the future of U.S. Patent Law Reform.

Peng said this honor not only recognizes her hard work, but her professors, classmates, friend and family who support her and her law career.

“I would especially thank my Ph.D. advisor Professor Toshiko Takenaka for her inspiration and guidance on my patent law research, including writing this article,” she said.

Takenaka also encouraged her to not be afraid to assert her opinion or give up easily.

After graduation, Peng plans to work as a patent law professor in China.

“I want to carry on UW Law’s sprit in legal education and CASRIP’s comparative law approach in research,” she said. “We have a strong community of UW School of Law alumni in China working in IP field. I will join them to make a difference to Chinese IP law and the global IP law system.”

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