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Shari Ireton, University of Washington School of Law


12th Annual PILA Auction Raises $97,000

Seattle - Exceeding last year's proceeds by $30,000 the UW School of Law Public Interest Law Association (PILA) raised $97,000 at its twelfth annual fundraising auction February 2, 2007. At the auction, UW law school alumni Hank Balson ('99) and Lissa Kaufman ('96) were inducted into the PILA Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame celebrates select members of the public interest legal community who are renowned for their commitment to public service and for their seemingly tireless advocacy.

A majority of the proceeds from the auction will provide grants to UW law students who devote their summer to pro bono legal work on behalf of underrepresented people and causes. Another portion of the proceeds will be contributed to a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP). In February, the Washington State Senate and House Committees on Higher Education passed bills supporting the creation of a LRAP. The bills (SB 6039, HB 2024) currently sit before the Senate Ways and Means Committee and House Appropriations Committee.

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2007 PILA Hall of Fame inductees Hank Balson ('99) and Lissa Kaufman ('96)
2007 PILA Hall of Fame inductees Hank Balson ('99) and Lissa Kaufman ('96)