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UW Law School Reconfigures First Year Curriculum

SEATTLE - UW School of Law faculty recently approved the reconfiguration of required courses for incoming law students.  The changes are as follows:

  1. 1 - The addition of a substantive orientation, a two-week course required for all incoming students, introducing basic legal concepts that the faculty believes are necessary to lay the foundation for the rest of law school. The course, to be called Foundations for Legal Study, will provide a brief introduction to concepts such as federalism, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, legislative history, stages of a lawsuit, and legal ethics. "This will be an intense course, designed to bring all incoming students onto a more level playing field," said law professor Tom Andrews, chair of the law school's Curriculum Committee. "In addition, the course will provide incoming students the opportunity to meet many of the full-time law faculty, particularly those they will not have their first year."
  1. 2 - The addition of two credits to Constitutional Law, bringing the total first year requirements for this course up to six credits.
  2. 3 - The addition of three credits of Comparative and International Law. "The addition of this course is important, given our aspirations to be a global law school," said Andrews. "The U.S. is not an island unto itself, but part of an international community."
  1. 4 - As a result of the above additional credit requirements, the reduction of 5 credits from various courses required for first year students.

Representatives from the current student body were consulted about the proposed changes and the recommendation is pending approval by the UW Curriculum Review Committee.

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