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UW Law School Bucks National Trend in Female Enrollment

Nearly 66% of this year's incoming class at the UW School of Law are women, bucking a national trend where men still dominate law school enrollment nationwide. According to the American Bar Association, first-year female law school enrollment was 46% for the 2006-07 academic year. The majority of female law students enrolled at the UW has been higher than men every year since 2000, including last year's class where women made up more than 54% of the incoming class.

The Class of 2010 convened at William H. Gates Hall on the UW campus yesterday to begin an intensive eight-day course titled "Foundations of Legal Study".

"This is an intense course, designed to bring all incoming students onto a more level playing field," said law professor Tom Andrews, chair of the law school's Curriculum Committee. "In addition, the course will provide incoming students the opportunity to meet many of the full-time law faculty, particularly those they will not have their first year."

The 183 incoming students hail from 90 undergraduate institutions. Fifty-four percent of the students are from the state of Washington and 25% are students of color. The median LSAT score of the incoming class is 162, ranked in the 87th percentile, and their median GPA is 3.63.

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