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Symposium will Discuss Ethics, Laws Surrounding "Ashley X" Case

SEATTLE - The UW School of Law and Seattle's Children's Hospital will host a symposium Wednesday, May 16, 2007 to discuss the ethical and policy implications of growth attenuation, the surgical "stunting" of growth, in disabled children. The conference, which will begin with a discussion of the Seattle Children’s Hospital case (also known as the "Ashley X" or "Pillow Angel" case), will be held in Room 133 of William H. Gates Hall on the UW campus.

"The symposium will be a forum to collectively listen to differing views on an issue that has gained attention worldwide," said Paul Steven Miller, the UW Henry M. Jackson Professor of Law. "The objective is to identify common ground in order to improve the care of all children with disabilities." Miller, who is the director of the UW Disability Studies Program, is chairing the symposium with Dr. Benjamin Wilfond who heads the Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics at Children’s Hospital.

A detailed agenda and schedule of the symposium, The Ethical and Policy Implications of Limiting Growth in Children with Severe Disabilities, is available on-line.

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