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Shari Ireton
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Professor Jay Recognized for Online Homeland Security Course

Professor Stewart Jay has received the 2006 Helen Williams Award for Excellence in Collegiate Independent Study from the American Association for Collegiate Independent Study (AACIS) for his online course, Constitutional Issues in Homeland Security.  The award will be presented to Professor Jay at the AACIS annual conference this November. 

Professor Jay's course explores the balance between individual liberties and national security and Examines the moral concepts underlying American civil rights and acts of terrorism against the United States.  It is offered through the UW's master's degree program, Strategic Planning for Critical Infrastructures (MSPCI).  Developed in partnership with the Washington State National Guard, the MSPCI program was specifically created for officials in public and private infrastructure systems, emergency management and homeland security. 

The award's namesake is considered to be a pioneer of distance learning, when she helped to coordinate what was the first U.S. radio college course program in the 1920's. 

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