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Shari Ireton
University of Washington School of Law


Law School to Co-Host Public Symposium on Human Rights

Several UW departments will host, "Human Wrongs and Human Rights - A Public Symposium" Monday, April 10, 2006, 7-9 PM, Room 138 (William H. Gates Hall), University of Washington School of Law (Seattle).  The event is free and open to the public.

Wars, interventions, epidemics, revelations of torture, and controversies over freedom of speech and freedom of religion have put the issue of human rights back on the front pages of American newspapers. This symposium will pose questions regarding human rights, including:  Is there a moral standard from which we can legitimately critique actions by ourselves and others when charges of human rights violations are raised?  Three of the world's leading scholars on human rights will be on hand for a discussion of these questions.  The event also celebrates the publication of UW Philosophy Professor William Talbott's book, Which Rights Should Be Universal?

The symposium is sponsored by the University of Washington Program on Values in Society (Department of Philosophy), the UW College of Arts and Sciences, the UW School of Law, the Comparative Law and Society Studies Center, the Walter H. Simpson Center for the Humanities, the Evans School of Public Affairs, and the UW Department of Political Science.

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