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Podcasts and Briefs Now Available for Download

On March 21, 2006, nationally respected experts on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) licensing issues confronted the most difficult issues facing attorneys practicing in this area today in a conference organized by the The Shidler Center for Law, Commerce and Technology at the University of Washington School of Law. This program explored different FOSS development and licensing models, and their impact on corporate IP strategies, in roundtable discussions and an oral argument before three distinguished federal circuit court judges.

Recordings of the roundtable discussions and oral argument, as well as the briefs for the oral argument, can now be downloaded without charge from the Shidler Center’s Web site.

FOSS is software for which the source code is made available to the user and is freely modifiable by the user. One of the most popular FOSS programs is the open-source operating system Linux. Finding an effective way to combine FOSS with proprietary technologies can pose challenges to business enterprises. The March 21 Shidler Center program provided in-depth analyses of the scope of a derivative work under a FOSS license, as well as the relationships among FOSS and patent law, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate risk management policies. The audio recordings and briefs provide unique, timely and in-depth analysis of these issues, and can now be downloaded free of charge from the Shidler Center’s Web site. Additional background information about the business, technical and legal issues raised by the business use of FOSS is available at, a Web resource created by the Shidler Center.

The Shidler Center focuses on the intersection of law and business innovation by examining the impact of changes in law and technology on domestic and global markets. Information about the Shidler Center is available from its Web site.

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