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UW School of Law Offers 12th Annual CASRIP Summer Institute

Three-Week Overview of U.S. and International IP Law  
Center for Advanced Study & Research on Intellectual Property

Seattle – Navigating the terrain of international patent laws is sometimes compared to steering a ship through unknown waters – unless you have a map, you may succumb to dangerous currents and get lost. The Center for Advanced Study and Research on Intellectual Property annual Summer Institute on intellectual property and patent law from July 13-29, 2005 will provide the guidance and training attorneys, agents, patent and licensing departments need in today’s globalized economy to successfully manage the complexities of U.S. and international IP and patent law.

Held each year, at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus, this three-week program presents a thorough overview of the basic concepts of patentability, validity and infringement under U.S. law, and will compare it to the European Patent Convention and Japanese patent laws. In addition, Summer Institute participants will have the opportunity to attend the High Technology Protection Summit Conference on July 22-23 free of charge. This two-day program attracts experts from around the world to discuss cutting-edge legal issues in IP law.

Professor and center director Toshiko Takenaka, who organizes the program and will also be teaching, is an internationally renowned patent law expert, and the author of a significant treatise on interpreting patent claims in the United States, Germany and Japan. Her work was published by the prestigious Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Munich, Germany.

“The CASRIP Summer Institute is an excellent opportunity to learn U.S. and international patent law from some of the best practitioners in the field -- all in the wonderful setting of the beautiful summers and high tech hub of Seattle,” said Sean O’Connor, associate director of CASRIP and the Intellectual Property Law & Policy Program. “Combined with numerous social events and the High Tech Protection Summit conference, the institute is the best way I know of to become part of the international patent community.”

Visiting professors and lecturers include, Martin Adelman, director of George Washington University Law School’s IP program; Dr. Heinz Goddar, a patent attorney and physicist with Boehmert & Boehmert in Munich and an associate judge at the Senate for Patent Attorneys Matters at the German Federal Supreme Court; and Judge Kent A. Jordan from the U.S. District Court in Delaware.

Summer Institute participants typically come from many different countries and legal traditions, thus the program also offers unique opportunities for networking with other practitioners and exchanging ideas and knowledge. Because legal and teaching systems vary, international attendees have American teaching assistants, who will help them understand lectures and organize small study groups to review covered materials and to engage in stimulating debates.

On Aug. 1, after the official program has concluded, participants will have the option of visiting the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in Arlington, Va., which also includes a visit to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit across the state border in Washington, D.C.

The application deadline for the High Technology Protection Summit is July 15, 2005. For visa-related questions, please contact Peter Voeller at To find out more about CASRIP’s Summer Institute or to register online, please visit

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