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Gavel Gates Scholars Class of 2015 Announced
We're proud to announce the most recent recipients of the Gates Public Service Law Scholarship.
Gavel UW School of Law Partners with Leading Business and Law Firms to Advance Diversity in the Legal Profession
New Gregoire Fellows program to provide professional and financial support to nine fall 2015 law students.
Gavel Marten Dinner Series Connects Students with Top Environmental Leaders
The Environmental Leadership Dinner Series offers students the chance to exchange ideas with top leaders of environmental law and policy.
Gavel R2-D2 to Driverless Cars: UW Conference Explored Gray Areas in Robotics Law
We Robot 2015 explored multiplying gray areas in robotics law, policy and ethics and how emerging technologies are disrupting existing regimes.
Gavel Diversity Week Offers Full Slate of Events
The University of Washington School of Law hosted a full schedule of events from February 23-27 as part of the school’s annual Diversity Week.
Gavel King v. Burwell - Obamacare in the Supreme Court Again
A panel of our professors lead a discussion from the perspectives of health law, tax law, statutory interpretation and administrative law.
Gavel UW Law Welcomes Senator Murkowski and Key Stakeholders at Arctic Encounter Symposium
On January 30 and 31, the University of Washington School of Law welcomed experts from around the world to the second annual Arctic Encounter Symposium, designed to explore the shared interests of the United States and the global community in the Arctic.
Gavel Dean Kellye Y. Testy President-Elect of AALS
The University of Washington School of Law Dean Kellye Y. Testy voted to become President-Elect of The Association of American Law Schools.
Gavel Posner on Posner: Professor Ronald Collins Organizes Q&A of Judge Richard Posner for Concurring Opinions
Professor Ronald Collins organized 24 noted legal figures, including judges, legal scholars, professors and journalists, to participate in a group interview of Judge Richard Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit for Concurring Opinions.

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