Intellectual Property Law and Policy Graduate Program (LL.M.)

The Intellectual Property Law & Policy Graduate Program provides students with intensive education and training focused on emerging intellectual property legal issues relating to technological innovation in all fields. Students who study in the IP LL.M. program at the UW benefit from the location, the curriculum, the faculty and the unique student experience.

A Message from Robert Gomulkiewicz, Director, IP Law and Policy LL.M. program    

Intellectual property law is no longer just for patent specialists. In today's world, intellectual property law touches everything from stem cell lines, medicine and electronic toothbrushes to garments, card games and footballs (both kinds).

The University of Washington School of Law is located in one of the premier IP-producing regions in the world. Scientists, computer programmers, aerospace engineers, medical researchers, singers and writers--they are all here, developing things that they hope will change the world.

UW is right in the mix, providing leadership to encourage innovation. We invite you to study IP law and policy at UW--there is no better time or place!

"The opportunity to study developments in the technology field while living in Seattle is unparalleled.
I had the amazing experience of working at while completing my LL.M. coursework,
which meant that I was directly able to apply the skills that I learned."

- Jessica G. Kennedy  Class of 2010

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IP LL.M. Brochure

IP LL.M. Brochure
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CASRIP Anniversary

CASRIP Anniversary Brochure
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