Faculty Colloquia

Through scholarship and service, UW law faculty influence public policy and shape legal theory. Faculty colloquia nurture our dynamic community of scholars and teachers and allow the UW School of Law to showcase the work of distinguished scholars from our campus and from other universities. The colloquia are a forum for provocative and innovative legal scholarship and provide an opportunity for faculty to exchange ideas with other scholars, to foster relationships with other institutions, and to collaborate on works in progress.

Upcoming/Recent Faculty Colloquia

Colloquium Schedule
Date Speaker Title
5/12/2016 Camilla Watson
University of Georgia
The Evolution and Inefficiency of Tax Incentives for Education
5/5/2016 MJ Durkee
University of Washington
Astroturf Activism
4/28/2016 Leslie Meltzer Henry
University of Maryland
Dignity and its Discontents: A Reply to the Anti-Dignitarians
4/21/2016 David S. Kris
Intellectual Ventures
Trends and Predictions in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
4/14/2016 Lisa Manheim
Judging Congressional Elections
4/7/2016 Rachel Stern
UC Berkeley
3/31/2016 Anita Krug
Investory Democracy
3/3/2016 Gregory Shaffer
UC Irvine
Theorizing Transnational Legal Orders
2/25/2016 Brie Clark
Loyola L.A.
The Supremacy Clause, Federal Spending Conditions, & the Shifting Terrain of Health Care Enforcement
2/18/2016 Dongsheng Zang
2/11/2016 Devon Carbado
1/21/2016 Malcolm Feeley
UC Berkeley
Entrepreneurs of Justice: How Private Contractors Made and Continue to Make the Modern Criminal Justice System

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