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Henry M. Jackson Professor of Law

Phone: (206) 685-4971

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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Antonio A. Cassese, Guido G. Acquaviva, Mary De Ming Fan & Alex A. Whiting, International Criminal Law: Cases and Commentary (Oxford University Press 2011). 600 pages.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Mary Fan, Extending Executioner Confidentiality to Lethal Injection Drug Suppliers, 95 Boston Univ. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2015).

Mary Fan, Legalization Conflicts and Reliance Defenses, 92 Wash. U. L. Rev. [Washington Univ. in St. Louis] (forthcoming 2015).

Mary D. Fan, Disarming the Dangerous: Preventing Extraordinary and Ordinary Violence, 90 Ind. L.J.  151-78 (2015).

Mary Fan, Adversarial Justice's Casualties: Defending Victim-Witness Protection, 55 Boston College L. Rev. 775-820 (2014).

Mary Fan, The Case for Crimmigration Reform, 92 North Carolina L. Rev. 75-148 (2013).

Mary Fan, Street Diversion and Decarceration, 50 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 165-209 (2013).

Mary Fan, Rebellious State Crimmigration Enforcement and the Foreign Affairs Power, 89 Wash. U. L. Rev. 1269-1308 (2012) [Washington University in St. Louis, MO], reprinted in 33 Immigr. & Nat'lity L. Rev. 89 (2012).

Mary D. Fan, Beyond Budget-Cut Criminal Justice: The Future of Penal Law, 90 North Carolina L. Rev. 581-653 (2012).

Mary D. Fan, Decentralizing STD Surveillance, 11 Yale J. Health Pol'y L. & Ethics 132-69 (2012).

Mary D. Fan, Panopticism for Police: Structural Reform Bargaining and Police Regulation by Data-Driven Surveillance, 87 Wash. L. Rev. 93-138 (2012).

Mary D. Fan, Constitutionalizing Informational Privacy by Assumption, U. Pa. J. Const. L. 953-88 (2012).

Mary Fan, Custom, General Principles and the Great Architect Cassese, 10 J. Int'l Crim. Just. 1063 (2012).

Mary D. Fan, Sex, Privacy and Public Health in a Casual Encounters Culture, 45 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 531-96 (2011).

Mary D. Fan, Post-Racial Proxies: Resurgent State and Local Anti-"Alien" Laws and Unity-Rebuilding Frames for Antidiscrimination Values, 32 Cardozo L. Rev. 905-45 (2011).

Mary D. Fan, The Police Gamesmanship Dilemma, 44 UC Davis L. Rev. 1407-85 (2011).

Mary D. Fan, Citizenship Perception Strain in Cases of Crime and War: On Law and Intuition, 2010 Mich. St. L. Rev. 1-49.

Mary D. Fan, When Deterrence and Death Mitigation Fall Short: Fantasy and Fetishes as Gap-Fillers in Border Regulation, 42 Law & Soc'y Rev. 701-33 (2008).

Mary De Ming Fan, Home, Community, Property: Crimes of Displacement and the Evolution in Focus from Sovereign Interests to Victim Rights-Holder, in 1 Global Community Y.B. Int'l L. & Jurisprudence 267-83 (Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo ed., Oxford Univ. Press 2008).

Mary De Ming Fan, Disciplining Criminal Justice: The Peril Amid the Promise of Numbers, 26 Yale L. & Pol'y Rev. 1-74 (2007).

Mary De Ming Fan, The Immigration-Terrorism Illusory Correlation and Heuristic Mistake, 10 Harv. Latino L. Rev. 33-52 (2007), reprinted in 28 Immigr. & Nat'lity L. Rev. 555-74 (2007).

Mary De Ming Fan, Reforming the Criminal Rap Sheet: Federal Timidity and the Traditional State Functions Doctrine, 33 Am. J. Crim. L. 31-72 (2005).

Mary De Ming Fan, Governing Copyright in Cyberspace: The Penalty Default Problem with State-Centric Sovereignty, 43 Jurimetrics J. 315-42 (2003).

Mary D. Fan, Comment, Risk Magnified: Standing Under the Statist Lens, 112 Yale L.J. 1633-40 (2003).

Mary De Ming Fan, Comment, The Fallacy of the Sovereign Prerogative to Set De Minimis Liability Rules for Sexual Slavery, 27 Yale J. Int'l. L. 395-421 (2002).

Mary D. Fan, Case Note, Textual Imagination, 111 Yale L.J. 1251-58 (2002).

Book Chapters

Mary D. Fan, Post-Racial Proxy Battles over Immigration, in Strange Neighbors: The Role of States in Immigration Policy 229-58 (Carissa Byrne Hessick & Gabriel J. Chin eds., NYU Press 2014).

Mary D. Fan, The Law of Immigration and Crime, in The Oxford Handbook of Ethnicity, Crime and Immigration 628-59 (Sandra Bucerius & Michael Tonry eds., Oxford University Press, 2013).

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