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Courses 2014 - 2015

LAW P 590 Graduate Intellectual Property Law Tutorial

Credits: 1-4, Variable

This course allows a small group of students (1-5) to study a specialized area of intellectual property law with an instructor in the tutorial style. The instructor will assign readings and a series of papers, and the instructor and the student(s) will meet regularly to discuss the readings and papers. This course is limited to students in the Graduate Program in Intellectual Property Law and Policy. Depending upon the nature of the area of intellectual property law studied, the course may either be graded or taken on a credit/no credit basis. All tutorials must be arranged through and approved by the Director of Academics, Law, Technology and Arts Group.

Autumn-Winter, 1-1 Credit(s)

Appellate Advocacy
Course Sections and Instructors
Yury Colton, Alex Oh

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