Workers' Rights Clinic*

In the Workers’ Rights Clinic students represent workers in efforts to enforce their legal rights, focusing primarily on:

  • Wage Claims
    • Through a partnership with Casa Latina, students interview workers who have not been paid the pages owed them. Then they identify and pursue remedies, including filing construction liens where appropriate, and filing lawsuits in Superior Court
    • Students develop cultural competence, learning to interview through an interpreter.
    • Wage claims provide an opportunity for students to navigate a technical remdial process, engage in fact investigation and write demand letters, and negotiate with property owners or employers.
  • Claims for Unemployment Compensation Benefits
    • Through a partnership with the Unemployment Law Project these cases allow students to prepare and present telephone hearings before the Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings
    • Students work extensively with clients, learning a fact intensive, narrow area of the law and seeing cases through from client interview through administrative hearing.
    • By getting up to speed on the law quickly in an area where the cases rarely settle, students can focus on honing their interviewing, fact investigation and advocacy skills
    • Unemployment Compensation cases are short and move quickly, often challenging students’ notions of due process

Workers' Rights Clinic News

My clinic work was my favorite part of law school and is what I always talk about when folks at my firm ask me about my time at UW.
- Timothy Defors, '09

*Formerly Unemployment Compensation Clinic

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