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* Offered subject to the availability of funding

** May enroll concurrent with clinic enrollment

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Clinic Credits
Students Eligibility Prerequisites &
Recommended Courses
(recommended in italics)
Faculty/Location/Student Contacts
Children and Youth Advocacy (E524) 4-5-3 8 3Ls preferred; 2Ls for non Rule 9 and immigration matters Required: Child Adv. Sem.**
Recommended: Immigration, Evidence, Family Law, Professional Resp., Trial Advocacy, Interviewing & Counseling, Juvenile Justice
Application Lisa Kelly,

Alex Witenberg,
Anna Rae Goethe,

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rm. 244
Entrepreneurial Law (E523)
Full year req'd
15-18 3Ls, LL.M.s Prerequisites: (each student's clinical practice will follow one of the three tracks noted below- only associated prerequisites for that track are required; enrollment preference given for advanced crs):
  1. Business Law Track: Advising Privately-Owned Businesses (T525) OR Business Organizations (A515) OR The Law of Nonprofit Organizations (E514).
  2. IP Track: IP Survey (P567) OR IP Law Core (P501).
  3. Tax Track: Basic Income Tax (A530) OR Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders (T501) OR Taxation of Partners and Partnerships (T511) OR Exempt Organizations (T512).
Recommended for all: Professional Resp.
Application Jennifer Fan,

Ashley Hogan (Corporate Track)
Robert Lee (IP & Trademark Track)
Carolyn Krol

William H. Gates Hall
Room 249
Federal Tax Clinic (T526) J.D.s 3-3-3
LL.M.s 2-2-2
Full year req'd
6 J.D.s
6 LL.M.s
2Ls, 3Ls, LL.M.s Prerequisite: Basic Income Tax (A530)**
Concurrent enrollment OK if A530 taken in Autumn quarter

Recommended: Trial Advocacy, Evidence, Professional Resp., Negotiation
Lottery Scott Schumacher, ;
John Clynch,

Theresa Nguyen
Rocky Boussias
Nancy Gass

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rooms 210 & 431
Incarcerated Parents Advocacy Clinic (E590) 0-5-4 5 Rule 9 eligible 3Ls Required: Evidence (B503), Professional Responsibility**

Recommended: Poverty Law, Critical Race Theory

NOTE: all sessions held at Seattle U.
Lottery Devon Knowles,

Lauren Berkowitz

Seattle University, SLLH
Innocence Project NW (E566) 4-4-4
Full year req'd
12 2Ls, 3Ls Recommended: Appellate Advocacy, Professional Resp., Criminal Procedure Application Jacqueline McMurtrie,
Anna Tolin,
Peter Moreno

Sara Alavi,
Shizuko Hashimoto,

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rm. 265
International Human Rights (E556)* 0-3-3 6 JDs
4 LL.M.s
2Ls, 3Ls, LL.M.s Required: Business & Human Rights Seminar

Recommended: International Human Rights
Application Alejandra Gonza

Thomas Miller

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rm. 265
Legislative Advocacy (E599)
Innocence Proj. NW (IPNW)

3-6-3 8 2Ls, 3Ls Required: Legislation & Formulation of Public Policy Seminar (Fall)**

Recommended: Professional Responsibility, WA Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure
Application Lara Zarowsky

Karen Fossum,
Sheana Kleist,

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rm. 265
Mediation (B526B) 0-4-4
Two quarters req'd
8 2Ls, 3Ls Recommended: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Negotiation, Professional Resp. 3Ls by Lottery;
up to two 2Ls by Application
Alan Kirtley,

Sarah Demaree
Luka Juric

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rm. 248
Not For Profit Organizations (E591) 0-2-1 4 2Ls, 3Ls, LL.Ms Required: Basic Income Tax (A530); Tax-Exempt Organizations (T512)** OR Law of Nonprofit Organizations (E514)** OR 4 hr. workshopTBD**

NOTE: sessions held at Seattle U.; students must meet conflicts of interest rules
Lottery Judy Andrews

Seattle University, R. A. Peterson Law Ctr.
Regulatory Environmental Law & Policy (E594) 4-4-0 8 2Ls, 3Ls Required:** Pollution Control (A527) OR Natural Resources (B585) OR Admin. Law (A509)

Recommended: all of the required courses and Advanced Legal Research (A549), Persuasive Writing (E508)
Application William H. Rodgers,
Todd A. Wildermuth,

Andrew Fuller
Weston LeMay

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rms. 408 & 330
Street Law Clinic (B514) 0-4-4 14-20 2Ls, 3Ls None Lottery Jennifer McIntyre + TBD

Nikkita Oliver,

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rm. 265
Technology Law & Public Policy Clinic (E554)
(Credit load can be adjusted with instructor approval)
12 2Ls
Recommended: Admin Law (A509), Law & Econ (A561), Legislative Externship (B535), Legislation (E555), Local Government Law (A563) Application William Covington,

Brooks Lindsay
Ashleigh Rhodes

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rm. 242
Tools for Social Change: Race and Justice Clinic (E530) 4-4-0 8 2Ls, 3Ls Recommended: Race and the Law, Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Justice Seminar Application Kimberly Ambrose,

Nikkita Oliver

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rm. 243
Tribal Court Public Defense (E529) 4-4-4
Full year req'd - no partial credit
16 2Ls, 3Ls Corequisite: Trial Advocacy I (B520), Evidence (B503), Criminal Procedure (B505) **

Recommended: American Indian Law, Professional Resp.
3Ls by lottery;
2Ls by Application (written commitment to 3 qtrs is required of all students)
Molly Cohan, & Brenda Williams,

Megan Crenshaw
Claire Sullivan

Wm. H. Gates Hall
Rm. 241

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